Ohkuma-machi in Fukushima

September 19th, 2012

It’s close to Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant.





Life still abounds here.

I've had lightheadedness from this heat. I apologize to my body for such overwork without even one day off.




I always visit this house, at their request. Each time, I set the capture cage.


An owner is looking for these cats.

Looks very similar.

I feel sorry for everyone’s burden as our efforts drag on. There are very few volunteers active now. This summer's incredible heat sapped the strength of volunteers, and is harming their health. As you may imagine, there is nothing for animals to eat and drink in this hot weather. Struggling daily against this heat, desperate to survive, they nonetheless succumb to hunger and thirst. But cats also reproduce, and I could feel their existence here and there. It wrung my heart when I saw a mother cat and a kitten, still, quiet, in the place with no food or water. Thin mother and kitten. The mother can’t leave her child to search for food. The tears were overflowing down my face. At least I want to bring some food. At least I want to bring some water. I want to help them live. This is what I feel, and I have done nothing wrong. Why don't the authorities allow us to go into the off-limits area? Why are we hunted by the police? I am almost crushed by grief, but as far as I can move, I must go. I have to go to the towns where miserable, abandoned pets are waiting.

Thank you for your long-time support. I deeply apologize that I cannot afford time to write you. I don’t have confidence in my health, but I won’t disappoint your expectations. I exert all my strength to save as many unfortunate lives as I can. I have been asking you for support all the time. I have been receiving your support again and again. My heart fills with gratitude. This will be very long endeavor. Please continue watching us. I hope to keep supporting lives, one by one, together with many people.
Thank you so much.

We need your help!
We have insufficient supplies of cat’s dry/wet food and paper toilet sand. We now have about 100 cats in the animal shelter and TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital. We need follows supplies in large quantities. We would greatly appreciate any help that you can give us.

・medical food, a/d canned
・chlorine bleach (for disinfecting)
・paper sand for cat’s toilet
・dried food for adult cat
・any kind of canned food for cat
・dog snack
・washbowl from 100yen shop
・box tissue paper

TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital / Volunteer division 4-23-13-1F, Ohshima, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa 210-0834 TEL 044-276-9388 *12:00-17:00

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Syun kun from Namie-machi passed away.

September 13th, 2012

Syun kun from Namie-machi passed away.

Syun-kun, who was rescued in Namie-machi, Fukushima, came down with leukemia. We were waiting for information concerning his owner, but couldn’t find any. He was living in my house.

After the disaster, so many cats were roaming around in hunger and solitude in Murohara, Namie-machi, Fukushima. We couldn’t get the residents' cooperation, and it was so hard to find places for feeding. It is still the same situation now. I wonder how many lives are tragically lost.


Syun-kun was self-assertive, always the first one to demand food. He was an aggressive and adorable cat. We wished his long life not to fall to leukemia, but he suddenly became lean.

He suffered difficulty breathing, but he reacted to his favorite food until the last minute. Leukemia advances fast once it appears. Why? He was so fine. It took him in the blink of an eye.

I wanted to give him more life and joy. I am so sad. I want to believe that there is a paradise for such miserable cats.

But the best way is to let them live in this world where they were born.

His foster parents, the Kikuta family, is from Fukushima. She was taking care of a leukemia stricken cat, and lost this cat. She was praying deeply for a miracle. Despite deep concern, I wasn't able to help him.

Thank you very much for your support.
I sincerely appreciate your warm consideration.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

We started TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) in Naraha-machi, Fukushima.

September 12th, 2012

We started TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) in Naraha-machi.

This is Kido station on August 22th. Afterwards, the wooden board was installed and we couldn’t go in.


We checked the food remaining at the requested area and set the capture cage.






This place is about 50m from the checkpoint. We saw a skinny american short hair cat on the street.

We set the capture cage with baked bonito.

She must have been very hungry and went into the cage quickly. But.........

I always check to see if they have given the birth or not.

Lift up the capture cage and look at the belly. It was obvious that she was in lactation.

Even if she finished lactation, if she seems to have given birth, we can’t capture her until checking on the existence of kittens.

As soon as we let her out from the cage, she walked up the slope to a house. We left food and water, and will check next time.

Since then, I have been worried about this cat. One day, one volunteer went there for feeding. I felt relieved. I hope she can take care of the kittens safely. Next time, I will check them, and leave a note to the neighbors.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Start TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) in Naraha-machi.

September 7th, 2012

Start TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) in Naraha-machi.

The railroad had almost vanished, covered by weeds. How will it be next year?

The field

But the most worrisome matter is small lives in peril. A cat jumped into the grass. It might eat insects to survive. Let’s leave the delicious baked bonito and silvervine.

I had a request from this house to find their cat. There's less food, but I didn’t have a chance to see who ate it.


I had a request from this house as well. The weeds grow so high, but somehow I reached the gate.

The food box was empty. It was so hot and I put on the wet towel.

I left it full of food. Soon I will set a capture cage in this area.

This is a cooperative feeding point with other volunteers. We clean the place, and leave food and water.

For over one year I have been leaving food in this house. There are many cats that we still can’t find.

Another volunteer asked me to go to this place. This is park with a view of the the ocean and Naraha-machi.



Beautiful ocean view.、

And then Naraha-machi.

There are some houses which are not completely broken by Tsunami. We knew some cats survive there. I wonder if the residents will come back or not.

After the lifting of the off-limits designation in this area, I met an old man here. “I come here every day and tidy up. Nobody has been coming back. If we can’t come back here for a long time, I am going to scrap my house after a Shinto purification.” “There were so many cats in this area. So many cats were left. Some people brought their cats to the temporary refugee housing, but after they got complaints, they brought them back here. It was so sad. Ok, I understand. I will give the food to them.”

After that, he said that 2 cats keep coming to eat the food.

We start to search for the owner, capture, and then TNR.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Prompt report!

September 2nd, 2012

Prompt report!

The Animal Welfare Center in Yokohama-city will begin a program to neuter homeless cats free of charge from 2013.

Yokohama-city recognizes;
1. The authority to neuter homeless cats as a public service.
2. If the authority does the neutering free of charge, it won’t bother the veterinarians.

A member of the municipal assembly in Yokohama-city, Mr.Masataka Ohta, has the strong belief that if Yokohama can change, we can change Japan. He patiently continues to negotiate with Yokohama-city.

We also presented our opinion to the Veterinary Medical Association and Yokohama-city. From now on, we want to ask you to approach your city officials about neutering homeless cats with this example of Yokohama.

Neutering is the best way to reduce the number of unfortunate cats. If the cost of neutering is paid for as a public service in the town, we don’t have to worry about the fee. We should cooperate with the local governments, and further enable TNR to serve the communities.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Good news!!!

August 31st, 2012

Good news!!!
We were offered the clean water in the off-limits area!!!

I just came back to Kawasaki from the off-limits area in Fukushima.

The activity was limited to 60 hours. We slept only 3 hours. It was non-stop activity, leaving food and water at the feeding points, capture activity, bringing the 1 ton of food stock. Finally we finished in Namie-machi around 22:00pm.

I have been thinking about bringing fresh water to the cats that are suffering in the off-limits area. Then we found a place with water. The owner, who's dogs and cats we rescued, asked their friend. They allowed us to go into their property by car, and also to use their water. It is Kawazoe in Namie-machi. It is rich with cold well water.

It was great that we could fill our plastic bottles. We leave some extra plastic bottles. This way we can share with other volunteers. We appreciate the kindness of residents. We strive to work in harmony with everyone, solving problems, without causing them.


The water was so clean.






テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

No.6 check point in Naraha-machi.

August 26th, 2012

The 'off-limits' designation was lifted from Naraha-machi. The new checking point is now 10km further from the No.6 point in Hirono. I visited Naraha-machi to learn about the situation of local cats; food, water, possibilities of TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return), the situations of residents who came back, their support, the location of the checking points, the boundary of Tomioka-machi.........

After leaving the food at the feeding points, let’s have a look the new checking point.

There were so many police.


We can’t go forward and have to turn right or left. We go left.

Then we had to stop the car.......we'll report to you about this story later.

We continue to drive, following the car navigation system. We put so many feeding points on the car navigator map in Tomioka-machi.

“We are close to Tomioka-machi. Maybe we can go?” I don’t think so.

This is it. The barricade looks shabby, is it?

Let’s check the barricade.

It was not shabby.....

It is unperturbed U-shaped barricade. No, I would never think of breaking it.....

Probably the key is the dial number type? No, I don’t think so.

It is just there, and I really want to go by foot or bicycle. If only there were no police.........mmmmm

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Letter from the owner

August 25th, 2012

I received the letter from the owner of Ginchan.

Dear Mrs.Yui,

It’s been a month since Gin came to my house. She has grown bigger and heavier. Her face is now more like a cat. She is very aggressive and running around in the house all day long. Recently she started to climb up the curtain. But when she gets tired she suddenly falls asleep. She is still a kitten. I'm sending some pictures of Gin.






This year, so many cats found new families. This is my happiest moment, when I receive such letters and pictures.

This is heaven and hell.

A cat that was brought into the animal welfare center. A cat that was abandoned in the off-limits area. If they were rescued, they had a chance to be happy like Gin. All life has a right to be happy.

What I can do is rescuing from the animal welfare center as much as I can.
What I can do is rescuing from off-limits area as much as I can.

If you can possibly receive one life in your family, please consider becoming their owner. So many cats are waiting for your love and action. You don't necessarily need to become an owner. Please just try to find what you can do, and share your love in your own way.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Feeding activity in Fukushima off-limits area.

August 21, 2012

Feeding activity in Fukushima off-limits area.



With just 4 hours to sleep, we try to sleep quickly. But we are lucky that we even have a place to do that.

For the second day. We visit every month after we have had a request from one owner. We rescued so many cats, but we still can’t find the cats for this owner. We will never give up, we will continue this activity.




We got the permission to use this storage place. Everything fell during the earthquake, and there was no place to stand. On this day, one and a half years after the disaster, we finally had a little time to tidy up. We feel stressed when we're in the off-limits area, because we always feel like we're outlaws, and the police are chasing us. We can’t waste even one second, and have to finish leaving the food for many feeding points in a limited amount of time.




The grasses and the woods grew thick and heavily in the wake of the Tsunami, now covering over the car.

Soon the paths that lead to the cats will disappear.


There are some houses which escaped the Tsunami. Last time, I saw a house beyond these houses, and there was a big dog house in the garden. In one month, it is covered with the bamboo thicket. and we don’t see anything there. I am worried about one cat I saw last time near here.

Your support and interest save the lives of animals.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

New Animal Shelter is going step by step.

August 21st, 2012

New Animal Shelter is going step by step. Thank you so much for your help!!

Look at this wonderful cat tower and cage. This is a part of your support. As usual, I don’t make phone calls to offer my thanks. But thank you so much. The cats will love it.

Here is the second floor of the new shelter. On the their floor, there are already 20 cats in residence. Soon it will increase, more and more.

A volunteer for the new shelter has been volunteering for Fujimi park for over 5 years. There are also new volunteers. For a while, at least 2 volunteers per day will take care of the cats. Some of them have never had cats.

The volunteers work briskly, one after another. It is difficult for me to even go up the stairs, and I feel almost useless when I visit there, but I go anyway, out of support for the project.
Wao!! Amazing!!

The room is full of handmade cardboard houses!


Another 30 cats will move in. Then it will be 50 cats as our first step.

New volunteers are always welcome! You don’t have to have experience with pets. Also young students are welcome. I really hope young people can grow up taking care of pets. If you are a housewife, we can adjust the schedules so that it won't interfere with your work at home.
Please contact us.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Off-limits area in Fukushima.

August 13th, 2012

The small street has never ben cleaned up. An elder couple worried about their cats, and asks me to search. I go to the off-limits area at least once a month to leave food.

Tiles and glass are scattered in the garden. The food container is empty. I wonder when it ran out. Not even a drop of water.

It’s really hot, and no water. I left the water container at a place where I saw a cat. People on the internet criticize, saying it's just scattered, or done with bad manners. But it is so hard to go into the off-limits area. It is so difficult to make a better situation. We always try to improve our actions, but such negative information gets around before we get the permission to go in. Finally when we came into the area, it was too late No food or water were left there. The cats who finally found this place and barely managed to survive had gone. With their last thread of hope cut, how much pain and suffering did they have in the end. So much sorrow for the cats, sadness beyond words. What are the rights of animals? What is animal welfare? The situation in the off-limits area is changing. Sometimes the world fails to make sense in activities of animal welfare. I think and think about how best to connect with these lives on the edge of oblivion.

I leave the water by my own decision.

The food boxes are empty everywhere. I don’t see any cats during the day in such hot weather. I wonder if they survive or not. I leave the food, place by place, with thanks for the donations of sustenance.

A new footprint made me happy.

But on the other hand, there was a life whose strength gave out.

There seasons flowers abound, bringing comfort to the soul.

You can channel your love by bringing food and water to the afflicted area. The 'off-limits' designation will be lifted in Naraha-cho. You can bring a little food and a little water, no hurry, going at your own pace. You can save precious lives.



This network was launched on May 3rd 2011. It aims to aid exchange of information between private organizations that hope to improve animal welfare across the country, and also intend to work together toward solutions to many problems they have in common.

Please join with the signature-collecting campaign to revise the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット



About Us

Message from Akiko Yui, President and Founder of TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital
I believe that helping animals in need, existing in symbiosis with animals, and fostering a loving heart lead to an improvement in one’s character of kindness and generosity. The killing of animals due to decisions made by administration goes against my firm belief in preventing cruelty to animals. Animal Rescue Fund’s most important goal is to reduce the number of animals killed in Japan to zero by urging administration to change, reform, and improve the prevention of cruelty to animals. In order to reduce the number of animals in need, we work to raise awareness and support for the importance of sterilization operations. Each year, we spay and neuter more than 1000 stray cats. We are always putting animals up for adoption to help those lives already born in finding a loving home.

TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital:
We first opened our TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital in February of 2011 in an effort to make our dream a reality - to lower the number of dogs and cats killed in Japan to zero. At our hospital, we spay and neuter cats to reduce the number of unfortunate stray cats. Our hospital strives to help unfortunate animals in need of medical care.
The lives of numerous pets and livestock were lost as a result of the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan on March 11th 2011 and the radiation disaster caused by the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Animal Rescue Fund goes directly to the 20km evacuation zone around the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to rescue animals.
Animal Rescue Fund is based in Kanagawa Prefecture’s TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital. Therefore, the animals that we rescue from Fukushima Prefecture are brought to TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, the rescued animals receive medical care and are returned to their owners or are put up for adoption.
We also work in urging the government and administration of Japan to support the protection of animals in need.





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