Rescue activity in Fukushima even alone.

December 1, 2013
Rescue activity in Fukushima even alone.

Gentle and generous, Izawa of Koenji Nyandarazu.He arrived at TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital at 22:00pm.
I am sorry to hear that he went alone this time.
Sorry I asked so much!
Thank you for your work....mew.


These are 3 innocent kittens.
It was worth going there for feeding.
Thanks for surviving, and thanks for rescuing.
If we work together, we can do many things which I couldn’t do alone.
The course of a life can be changed.
Happiness is waiting for you.
Thank all of you!





Then this cat.....She was angry with Izawa, with such a face...But Izawa likes aggressive women.
He tried to get her attention and succeeded.


Izawa decided to accept this cat in his shelter.
This one is friendly.
Sterilization has already done.
We will look for the owner.

FIV(-), FeLV(-), details will be reported later.



Rescue and TNR of 50 cats in Fukushima by the end of the year.
Organizing the rescue team to save abandoned life in Fukushima.
“Don’t let them die. We hope our wish reaches you!!”

We carry out the protection and TNR activity of cats in Fukushima.
Our goal is 50 cats by the end of the year.
All the volunteers cooperate for sterilization, vaccination, anti-parasite treatment, and other treatments for sickness and injury at TNR Japan Anumal Welfare Hospital.
Then we isolate them until the vaccine works.
Transportation volunteers will transfer the cats to the shelter of Nyanda Guard, CAPIN and Inuneko Kyusainowa.
After that, each association takes care of their whole life.
We all want to rescue as many as we can before the bitterness of winter sets in.
For that, each association holds adoption/fund- raising events, and has been trying to make the space for those new cats.
Now we start. We won’t let them die.
We hope our wish reaches you.
Please support us.

Rescue party organized with the following associations.

Citizens for animal protection, Ibaraki network

CAPIN Naraha Toioka rescue party, nekoneko

Looking for families for animals

Nyanda Guard

Koenji Nyandarazu

Matatabikeno Nichijyo


With tortoiseshell cat, Miko

Nekono Maria

Inuneko Kyusainowa

TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital, veterinarian team

Residents in Naraha.
Private volunteers

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

November 29, 2013
Protected kittens in Naime, Fukushima.

After Namie reorganized the area, previously rescued cats were captured.
The owners couldn’t receive them in the temporary refugee housing, but thankfully, Ishikawa Animal Friends <http://ameblo.jp/ishikawa-animal-friends/> was taking good care of them.
Then finally 2 cats, Ichiro&Lussa were able to be returned to their owner.

We had an appointment with the owner at their house in Namie.
I was busy with activity in Namie, but took a few precious minutes to meet them. It was only 10 minutes, but my heart was warmed by the sight of how well they were.
It reminded me of when we rescued them.
To see them with their family really made all the effort to rescue them seem worthwhile.
For the cats, sometimes it is difficult to get used to life in the temporary housing.
So when owners go to their houses in Namie a few times in a month, they will take these cats to spend some time at their real homes.

Lussa has long hair, and is very timid.As soon as she sees me, she hides.


Ichiro also doesn’t care who I am.It doesn’t matter.
I hope they find happiness with their families.


The residents gave us many hand made Onigiri.
I thank them for their kindtness.We shared it, and it was quite tasty.

Then we resumed activity as usual.
Recently we always attempt some rat-control in the house.


Fill up the fresh water from a well which we are allowed to use.This is the life water for cats.
Thank you so much.


I have a special concern for this place..I saw something small moving in the bushes of the garden.

I stopped the car and silently approached.
A white kitten ran away.I set the capture cage.

This is a house where I have been feeding since the disaster.

August 11.

August 27.

A mixed Siamese cat was lactating.
I released her but continue to leave the food.
For the kitten, I left the food at a lower point.
But it can be easy for other animals to eat this food. So I had to devise something different, and make some adjustments.
There should be many water bowls, and they should be shallow.
We need to devise something for kittens.

After that I heard the voice of a kitten, but it came from deep inside of the room.I couldn’t see them, but the food was gone.


It is a kitten, looks like about 4 months old, and mixed Siamese.
Maybe the child of that mother.
Only one?I am sorry, but I will come again soon.

Where is your mother?This day, I didn’t have any more capture cages, and no time.
I could to take only this kitten.


He is fine after 10 days of vaccine.
He takes kindly to me.
His name is Pakkun, male.




Pakkun will join with our adoption/fund-raising events on December 1 with his good friend Mugi.
I want you to meet your mother but I am so sorry.
I am sorry, mother.
I am so sorry, kittens.


If you are living around Fukushima and want to accept the cat, please contact Nyanda Guard.

Extra photo.
Honda representative of Nyanda Guard is popular with cats.
The shelter is very clean, and the cats enjoy a relaxing life.But to live with a family is happier.Please consider becoming their new family.


Thank you for your support for our rescue activity in November.
Rescue party activity continues, and today Koenji Nyandarazu is on the way to TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital from Fukushima with 5 cats.
So many lives are saved.We thank you so much for your support.
We do our best.
We also give thanks for the support of each rescue party.We wish to protect the rights of animals, and hope it becomes possible for more people to respect their live same as us.

I thank all of you so much.

Fukushima rescue party: never give up.

November 29, 2013
Fukushima rescue party: never give up.

Photo from Nobuyuki Iwaza’s facebook
“How beautiful Namie is.



I received a call from my fellows in Fukushima.
They are making every effort today and tomorrow.They reset and fixed the food box.
They are so reliable.From this town to that town, I asked them to go to lots of difficult locations.
Thank you so much.









Our aim is rescue and TNR for at least 50 cats by the end of the year.
Thanks to the volunteers who joined this project.
Each of them carries out the responsibility of saving lives.
50 may not sound like so many, but the shelter in each association is full.
So 50 is a lot for us.
Rescued cats have no hope of living with their family again.
We want to protect them rather than release them after TNR.
We want to protect the lives that came into the capture cages, to find the owners or new families.
The desire to give them warmth and happiness is shared by all.
Not all of the cats are healthy.
The following cats have leukemia.

Protected by Nyanderguard volunteer.
Name: Gaku
Sex: Male
Color: Black and white
Vaccine: November 16
Note: FIV(-), FeLV(+), castration operation, nails clipped, profender

Protected by Nyanderguard volunteer.
Name: Senri
Sex: Male
Color: White
Vaccine: November 10
Note: FIV(-), FeLV(+), nails clipped, profender

Protected by Inuneko Kyusainowa
Name: Futaba
Sex: Male
Color: White tabby
Vaccine: November 8
Note: FIV(-), FeLV(+), castration operation, nails clipped, profender

HIV Cats are also protected a lot.
But let’s get past this together.
Ibaraki Capin accepted leukemia kittens in their shelter.
We at Inuneko Kyusainowa accept adult cats with leukemia.
Today, a veterinarian of TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital and shelter volunteered to move 3 cats with leukemia from the hospital to the shelter.
Fukushima Nyanderguard accepted 8 adult cats and 3 FIV kittens.
They are ready for more.

Koenji Nyandarazu is currently hard at work in Fukushima.
The isolation room at TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital is now ready.
None of the rescued cats will be released.

In December, we will accept 5 cats from the 3.11 rescue party.
Their shelter has no vacancies and there's no place for cats in Namie.
We will all do our best in December to rescue the lives left behind.

Please support our activity.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Urgent!! Please give your 5 minutes for the deer and the wild boar.

December 16, 2013
Please give your 5 minutes for the deer and the wild boar.


Humane population management for the deer and the wild boar!
Please save them from mass destruction!
Please cooperate to send your comment to Ministry of the Environment.
You can copy follows comment.
December 17 is dead line!

Opinion for Wildlife Protection and Proper Hunting Act (report draft).

To Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation Bureau, Wildlife Division, Office of Wildlife Management.

Your address:
Your name:
Your fax/tel number.

The capture extermination has a limit.
It is important to bring up the consciousness about value the life of the animal. Please introduce the system of contraceptive vaccine to control the population rather than extermination.


Please send fax or e-mail to;
Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation Bureau, Wildlife Division, Office of Wildlife Management.
FAX : 03-3581-7090
e-mail : shizen-choju@env.go.jp

※Please write the title as “Opinion for Wildlife Protection and Proper Hunting Act (report draft)”.





宛先 (時間がないのでメールかFAXが望ましいです)
FAX 03-3581-7090
メール shizen-choju@env.go.jp


テーマ : 動物愛護
ジャンル : ペット

Rescue party in Fukushima.Activity in November in Namie.

November 28, 2013
Rescue party in Fukushima.Activity in November in Namie.

This is a house I always stop by.
The cat in this house was already protected, but there are so many cats around this house.
A cat that came into the capture cage the other day was apparently breast-feeding her kittens.
We wait to protect her, and meanwhile fill up the food boxes.Until now we had well water, but the well ran dry.We're grateful to have been able to use it for a while though.


Recently I found a good route for making the rounds.


It gets dark early.
We cooperatively share the route, and the work goes faster.






Then next.






I always look forward to stopping by at this house.
The residents can go into this area during the day.
The elderly couple here seems to be coming home once in a month with their son. Sometimes they leave the note for us.
This time, they left the note on the food box.
“Thank you for the food. Please leave it in the back of the house too.”

Leave the food in the back of the house too.....well.....far better to read this than something like 'do not leave the food anymore'.
This grandma's feeling for the cats makes me smile.
And this is the back of the house.I did it as you asked, grandma.



This is another water place which a resident told me about.
There is so much beautiful well water here.Thank you so much.



With volunteers.But we don’t have time to chat.Talk quickly and then go to next point.
See you!


Uh-oh...I finished only half....


This is an herb to discourage rats.
Sorry rats.


Well, rats can’t read this.






It’s getting dark.

It’s getting cold.

It's too early to feel safe and secure.
We've got to be on our guard till we get away from this area.

テーマ : 保護活動
ジャンル : ペット

Why captivity for dolphin is wrong.

November 25, 2013
Why captivity for dolphin is wrong.

Amazon removes whale meat products from Japanese site.Public outcry forces online retailer to ditch products including whale bacon, whale jerky and canned whale meat.
From The Guardian by , Justin McCurry in Tokyo, 24 February 2012.
Environmental groups are claiming a major victory after the online retailer Amazon removed whale meat products from its site in Japan.
Amazon was accused of hypocrisy by the UK-based environmental investigation agency (EIA) after investigators found 147 whale products for sale on the site, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Seattle-based company.
The products contravened the firm's policy of refusing to advertise unlicensed or illegal wildlife products, including endangered species.
Some of the items came from whale species listed as endangered, according to Amazon.
Com’s Unpalatable Profits, a report by the EIA and the Humane Society International.
Others were traced to Japan's annual "research" hunts in the Antarctic, during which it slaughters more than 900 minke whales and a small number of fin whales.
Links to the products, which included whale bacon, whale jerky and canned whale meat, were active on Tuesday night, but had been removed by the following day after Amazon's chief executive, Jeff Bezos, received tens of thousands of messages of protest via email, Twitter and other social media.
"We welcome Amazon's action to remove whale products from its Japanese website but urge Amazon to confirm it will enact a company-wide ban on the sale of all products derived from whales, dolphins or porpoises," said Clare Perry, a senior campaigner for the agency.
The EIA said its investigators bought the products late last year, adding that some contained excessive levels of mercury, while labels on up to a third of the items did not list the species.
Mark Jones, executive director of Humane Society International UK, said: "In just 24 hours, more than 35,000 supporters have appealed to Amazon for a total ban on the sale of whale, dolphin and porpoise products. The public wants these animals protected rather than killed and sold for profit.
"The EIA report said: "The most popular product at the time of research was coastally caught Baird's beaked whale jerky, sold by Hakudai company. The second most popular item, also a Hakudai product, was Icelandic fin whale bacon."

テーマ : 動物愛護
ジャンル : ペット

Dolphin hunting in Taiji. The truth about dolphins.

November 24, 2013
Dolphin hunting in Taiji. The truth about dolphins.


No more flying dolphins on Hong Kong Airlines.
Thousands of people successfully petitioned the airline to stop transporting live dolphins.
From CNN By Zoe Li, 1 March, 2012

Hong Kong Airlines has agreed to stop transporting live dolphins after more than 6,500 people signed an online petition demanding a ban.
"Since it is believed that transportation of this nature can result in endangering wildlife elsewhere, Hong Kong Airlines will immediately ban shipments of this kind," the carrier announced in a statement.

Hong Kong Airlines came under pressure from the public after an internal memo was leaked, stating the carrier had transported five live dolphins from Japan to Vietnam on January 16, earning the company HK$850,000 (US$110,000) in cargo revenue.
The memo also included a photograph of the dolphins lying in shallow, narrow containers -- which China Daily dubbed "flying coffins" -- inside the Boeing 733F cargo aircraft.
An online petition was soon launched at change.org, pressuring Hong Kong Airlines to stop transporting live dolphins as cargo. About 5,000 people signed the petition within three days.
In a previous statement responding to outrage from conservation groups, Hong Kong Airlines said that it was “totally unaware of the complexities” surrounding the “dark side of the dolphin story.”

The carrier's most recent dolphin flight took off from Osaka, leading to speculation that the dolphins were captured in Taiji, scene of an annual dolphin slaughter depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove.”
Hong Kong Airlines refused to disclose where the dolphins came from or their destination.
The dolphin flight reportedly made a stopover in Hong Kong and a spokesperson for the Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department confirmed that they were aware of the dolphins' transportation in advance but did not carry out any inspection.


We at Inuneko Kyusainowa are against Dolphin drive hunting.
We will send a letter explaining our demands to the related organizations, such as Taiji town, Wakayama prefecture, and the Fisheries Agency.
If you agree, please cooperate with us.
our message, no matter how short, is welcome.
Or you can use our letter below.
You can send the e-mail to Wakayama prefecture and the Fisheries Agency.

TO: Taiji fishermen's cooperative association
3167-7 Taiji, Taiji-cho, Higashi muro-gun, Wakayama 649-5171
Fax: 0735-59-2821

Wakayama governor Yoshinobu Nisaka
Wakayam prefectural office
1-1 Komatsubara-dori, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama 640-8269

Fisheries Agency Resources Management Department
1-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8907


Below is the demands Letter from Inuneko Kyusainowa.

Letter demanding discontinuance of dolphin drive hunting

Dolphin drive hunting is a cruel spectacle to behold.
While desperate victims were pulled up by the tail, we could see other dolphins tremble with fear as they witnessed their fellow’s suffering.
We can’t show this to children.
The protest by the international hacktivist group has started.
There is an opinion that to protest against dolphin drive hunting is to interfere with Japan’s food culture.
But I doubt that dolphin is a basic part of our food culture.

Furthermore, the meat of the dolphin has very high mercury levels.
Over-eating of dolphin meat represents a possibly serious health risk.
Comprehensive analysis leads us to conclude that it would be in our national interest to stop the dolphin hunting, rather than be criticized from all over the world for maintaining dolphin hunting under the pretext of "Japanese culture".

Please stop the dolphin drive hunting.


テーマ : 動物愛護
ジャンル : ペット



About Us

Message from Akiko Yui, President and Founder of TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital
I believe that helping animals in need, existing in symbiosis with animals, and fostering a loving heart lead to an improvement in one’s character of kindness and generosity. The killing of animals due to decisions made by administration goes against my firm belief in preventing cruelty to animals. Animal Rescue Fund’s most important goal is to reduce the number of animals killed in Japan to zero by urging administration to change, reform, and improve the prevention of cruelty to animals. In order to reduce the number of animals in need, we work to raise awareness and support for the importance of sterilization operations. Each year, we spay and neuter more than 1000 stray cats. We are always putting animals up for adoption to help those lives already born in finding a loving home.

TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital:
We first opened our TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital in February of 2011 in an effort to make our dream a reality - to lower the number of dogs and cats killed in Japan to zero. At our hospital, we spay and neuter cats to reduce the number of unfortunate stray cats. Our hospital strives to help unfortunate animals in need of medical care.
The lives of numerous pets and livestock were lost as a result of the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan on March 11th 2011 and the radiation disaster caused by the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Animal Rescue Fund goes directly to the 20km evacuation zone around the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to rescue animals.
Animal Rescue Fund is based in Kanagawa Prefecture’s TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital. Therefore, the animals that we rescue from Fukushima Prefecture are brought to TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, the rescued animals receive medical care and are returned to their owners or are put up for adoption.
We also work in urging the government and administration of Japan to support the protection of animals in need.





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