The seasons turn in Fukushima.

August 19, 2014
The seasons turn in Fukushima.

You are dependable Nekokatsu-san, but are you going to load more?




It looks like a lot, but still not enough.
Let’s go!


This is his job, but it must be hard to do on rainy or hot days.


Nuclear Power Plant 1 from route 6.


The radiation dose is still high near the nuclear power plant.
I am wondering when all cars in general can go through.


The house is hidden by bamboo a grove.
We carry the food, tripping over various things on the ground.


The time is limited.
We are hurrying to the next feeding point.






The flowers are always beautiful.


It is so hot.
Of course it is still summer.
But….isn’t that kaki (persimmon)?


This is silver grass.


Autumn comes soon, and then winter.
The time goes so fast.
Still I can’t rescue enough animals.
I want to have a greater power.
I can do this as long as I am living.

Thank you so much for your support for Odawara over-breeding cats.

August 17, 2014

Thank you so much for your support for Odawara over-breeding cats.

I deeply appreciate your support for the rescue of 77 cats from the Odawara over-breeding case.
We, Inuneko Kyusainowa, got this information from Tanpoponosato.

In Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture, an over-breeding collapse happened at the same time.

The schedule of removal of cats was rushed.
The first priority was to rescue all of the cats, to prevent their killing.

In Odawara, lack of sterilization caused the cat population to increase.
The owner couldn’t take care of them any more, especially regarding financial issues.
We decided to do sterilization and find foster families.

We, Inuneko Kyusainowa, brought 77 cats to TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital and provided necessary medical care, vaccines and sterilization.
Tanpoponosato took 8 kittens from among the 77 cats, and will find foster families.

One cat had a severe diaphragm hernia, and passed away before the operation.
After sterilization, the cats in Odawara won’t continue to breed.
But there are not enough people to see to their care, and there’s not enough food.
It is not so easy to rebuild these lives.
The distance between Kawasaki and Odawara became a major obstacle.
Unfortunately, 3 cats passed away from malnutrition while we waited for answers to our request for volunteers,

Fortunately Mrs.Tominaga stepped up to enlist volunteers, and now she is trying to fix the system.
She is one who helped with rescue activity at Odawara and Kamakura positively.
Sadly, before we could fix the system, there were some tragedies.

The environment was rough, and far from the life that people and cats can share together.
But slowly it’s getting better, with your donations of cat toilets, toilet sand, dishes, cleaning equipment, detergent, curtains, towels, etc.
We have to work on more aid, and must do necessary health checks.

Most of them are frightened, but we can touch some.
If we take care of them one by one, they may open their hearts.
If we can find volunteers who will keep cats temporarily, and do toilet training, we can find foster families.
We can’t demand that the owner bare the economic burden.

I reported about Odawara over-breeding cats in this blog.
But the scope of our activity is wide, encompassing Fukushima, animal welfare centers, animal shelters and the animal hospital.
So we created a new blog for the Odawara over-breeding cats, and Mrs.Tominaga will manage it.
This doesn’t mean that I have quit the Odawara over-breeding cats case.
I will sometimes write articles in this new blog.

★The financial report of Odawara over-breeding cats.

Here I want to inform you that we gathered donations of 811,127 yen by August 14.
We closed the donation campaign on the 15th.
If additional donation occurs, I will report again.
This donation was used for medical treatment, vaccination, and sterilization.
My estimate was 966,600 yen.
It is a severe life for these cats, going back home after the sterilization.
The owner can’t perform health checks, and I had to take the sick cats again and again.
I couldn’t quit, even if I have to pay from my own pocket.
The excess charge at TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital is about 1,000,000 yen.
But I founded this animal hospital to save animals, and I have got so many donations from many people.
I am satisfied if this hospital can be used for animals.

The management of this hospital is not so easy, as we also have so many alley cats.
All the staff cooperate together to save animals and get through this.

Again I deeply appreciate your donations for Odawara over-breeding cats.

Akiko Yui, 2014.8.15

★Tragedy of over breeding in Odawara. ★Could you be a foster family or volunteer for over-bred cats in Odawara?

August 15, 2014
★Tragedy of over breeding in Odawara.
★Could you be a foster family or volunteer for over-bred cats in Odawara?


The last one recovered and left the hospital.


I brought this cat to Odawara.
And I was going to make a better environment.
In the car, on the way to Odawara, I was thinking about how to make better a environment for both cats and volunteers.

When I entered the house, there was a very strong, bad smell.
How come?
Cats are not in the corridor.
Inside of the house, I couldn’t find where this strong bad smell was coming from.

I released the recovered cat and started to work.

There are many things most women can’t do.
Furthermore, my left hand is badly weakened from aftereffects of the cerebral infarction.
So I brought a man who is a carpenter to help me.

In order for the air conditioning to reach the inner room, the main job is to take the door off and set the mesh panel.
Then air conditioning can work for 2 rooms.


The next job is to move the window type air conditioner from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor.
I thought it would be impossible to move, because it has been peed on, and the screws are rusted.
But I have a carpenter with me.
He is very skilful.


I put cloth over the table and shelves, so that cats can hide behind it.
Pull the curtain forward and cats can hide behind it, too.

None of them would lie on the donated couch.
After the sheet was draped over it 20 cats began hiding underneath.


We worked quite a long time but the cats hardly moved at all.
These cats are severely stressed.
It’s not good for them that stranger stays around for such a long time.

They are house cats.
But none get closer to us.
They are so frightened.
They’re always scared, and try to find places to hide.

Some cats that can’t find a hiding place go up to high places, and deeper inside.
They overlap each other and try to hide.
They are frightened, and get all over each other, and freeze up.
Some of them are shaking with fear.


This is the shelf over the sink.
There is a gap between the ceiling and the shelf just big enough to fit the cat’s face.


There a tragedy was happening.

There are over 30 cats in this room without air conditioning.
The hiding places are too few, and they overlap each other to try to hide.
The gap is already full but some of them tried to go in.

To get to this place, they have to jump from the refrigerator.
But the gap was full, and a cat that couldn’t get in dropped behind the refrigerator.
The gap between the refrigerator and the wall is so narrow.
It is not possible they jumped into this gap.

The cat dropped into this narrow gap and slipped down.
It was not possible to climb up.
The bottom of the refrigerator is so hot from it’s mechanisms.

The reason I found this cat is that it is too dangerous to jump from the refrigerator to the shelf, and I was going to make more shelving.
Then I moved the refrigerator and found the cat.
Words fail me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
What’s this?
Get closer to look, and then…

Am I wrong?
What is it?
I couldn’t accept the reality.

It was not only 1 cat but 2.
One cat fell down and then another cat fell down on the first one.
They were in the same pose.

I don’t normally post pictures of dead bodies.
But this time, I will.
I will, to let you know the reality of over-breeding problems.

These cats have to live in such a terrible place.
They don’t have any place to go.
I want to let you know that if the owner can’t control it, it makes cats suffer.
I want you to know.
I want you to help.

No food, no toilet.
No one controls the temperature.
No place to hide.
No place to sleep.
No carpet.
No affection.
Cats living in fear.
This is too sad.

Quiet, scared, we want to rescue as many of these cats as we can.
Please consider being their foster family, or even taking them temporarily into your home.
Powerless to rescue all of them, this is my cry.
This may also be the cry of all of these voiceless cats.

I want to let you know this reality.
It doesn’t matter what people might think about me, if only someone feels pity for these cats, and offers help.

This is the picture, which shows you a very sad reality.
If you don’t want to see it, please close this page here.










They were probably less than 1 year old.
They didn’t know joy, and had a very short life.
They suffered until the end.
This is too miserable.
They came back to Kawasaki with me.
The staff and I will see them off on August 15, from TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital.

I hope heaven welcomes them, and suffering gives way to dashing about in eternal play.

May they rest in peace.


After I found the 2 tragedy victims, we started to bring cats down from the shelf one by one.
15 cats were there.
I was so afraid of someone being strangled or suffocated.

I wanted to close this gap, but there was no wooden board, no more mesh panel, not even cardboard.
I impatiently measured dimensions, drove back to Kawasaki to buy the materials, and came back to Odawara. This is a frustrating expenditure of time.

As a temporary repair, cram a blanket into the gap.
This wooden board was used to guard against pee.
So it is stinks, but it’s better than nothing.
With this board, we did like this.





In this activity, so many things happen that are sad, painful, suffocating.
Many times I lost heart, and I thought I couldn’t continue any more.
The reason I can continue this activity is that I think the animals suffer even more than me, and I can’t give up.
This is my life.

We, Inuneko Kyusainowa’s animal shelter, now have 100 cats.
The volunteers take care of them at least once a week, in rotation.
If it’s always different people, it can be stressful for frightened cats.
With volunteer’s affection, many cats became friendly.
Now there are no cats that are extremely frightened.

I pray, for the Odawara cats, that the volunteers increase one by one, and the cats remember the gentle people.
I pray someday they can feel the joy of life.

※I reported about Odawara over breeding cat in this blog.
But our activity is wide as Fukushima, animal welfare center, animal shelter and animal hospital.
So we created a new blog for Odawara over breeding cat and Mrs.Tominaga manage it.
But this is not that I quit Odawara over breeding cat.
I will write the article sometimes in this new blog.

I want to save the abandoned cats in Naraha, Fukushima. Rat extermination in Naraha, Fukushima. The poisoned food and adhesive sheets are set each 2 months.

August 11, 2014
I want to save the abandoned cats in Naraha, Fukushima.
Rat extermination in Naraha, Fukushima.
The poisoned food and adhesive sheets are set each 2 months.

There are many cats in Naraha that have been waiting for food for many days.
I want to save these lives.
I need more time to rescue them.

This is a brown tabby that I saw last time on July 25.
She/he lives in desperation, with a small body and a fierce stare.
I wanted to rescue this cat, and set 8 capture cages at a feeding point in Naraha as soon as it was daylight.


Of course, we have to rescue other cats too.
After we set 8 capture cages at Naraha feeding points, we move on, to areas near Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant.


After we finished everything, we went to collect the capture cages in Naraha.


I rescued many cats in this place.
For some cats, we did TNR, as we didn’t have enough space.
This cat is male, and no sterilization.

There are so many rats here.
I rescue this cat.
Is there any owner for this cat?


Then I go to that place.


A cat is in it.
Is it that cat?



Yes it is.
Certainly it is.


I was so happy to rescue this cat.


She is lactating.

I thought finally I could rescue this cat.

She’s bringing up kittens.
I had to release her.


She must be hungry from taking care of kittens.
Do not eat poisoned food.
Do not get caught in adhesive sheets.

※Anybody can go into Naraha, Fukushima during the day.
If someone can possibly to go there to rescue cats, I will give you the information on where they are, lend the capture cages, and offer consultation on where to keep cats.

Life continues to be killed in Naraha, Fukushima. I want to save these lives.

August 8, 2014
Life continues to be killed in Naraha, Fukushima.
I want to save these lives.

In Naraha, the flowers are changing from sunflower to cosmos.



But my mind is never at peace.
I can’t stop thinking about the rat extermination that has started.
They use poisoned food and adhesive sheets.
These can also kill cats.

It is necessary to confront the authorities.
But in Fukushima, I am so tired of doing that.

The best way to be effective is to use my energy in efforts to rescue them. That’s the highest priority.

I want to focus on this rescue, but I still have to go to Okuma, Futaba and Namie, not only Naraha.
Unfortunately that leaves me only a little time in Naraha.

There are cats in Naraha.
I know where they are.
It would be so great if someone could help us to rescue them.

★Rat extermination in Naraha, Fukushima.
The poisoned food and adhesive sheets are set every 2 months.

There are many cats in Naraha that have been waiting for food for many days.
I want to save these lives.
I need more time to rescue them.

This is a brown tabby that I saw last time, on July 25.
She/he lives in desperation, with a small body and a fierce stare.
I wanted to rescue this cat, and set 8 capture cages at a feeding point in Naraha as soon as it was daylight.


To be continued.

Fukushima, Namie

August 6, 2014
Fukushima, Namie



This food box is still useful.


The lid of this old food box is broken.
We don’t have a time to fix it.
So we change it to the new one.


This is a doghouse we had been allowed to use.
I am so sad it’s broken.
I still keep contact with this resident.
As we still see a cat through the sensor camera, we continue to leave the food.


Set the new food box!





This is a house which let us use their well.

I always take a minute to rest when I arrive here.
Even with just a one-minute rest, my energy comes back.

Draw water for cats and then go to the next place.


People can go into Namie now during the day.
But with nobody living here , the town is too quiet, and changes.



The house is covered by plants, it almost hides.


Depending on the place, the radiation dosimeter shows a high numerical value.

This time, it seems some gas stations have reopened.

It means the decontamination for return home goes forth in earnest?

Great help from volunteer for driving.

August 5, 2014
Great help from volunteer for driving.

During Fukushima activity in July, a driving volunteer helped me a lot.
Early morning, we stopped by Iwaki-city, where everyone’s support food was gathered.
Then we brought it to Naraha point.

I am not strong, and especially my legs are weak.
It is very heavy work.
But if men help me, it goes so fast.



The paddy field is so beautiful.


Thanks for transshipment at Naraha.



In the 20km area, it is my turn now.
Set the new food boxes at feeding points.

On the left is an old one, lengthwise.
On the right is the new one, oblong.





After we set all new food boxes, capture cages, and food, we go back to Naraha point and load again.

A driving volunteer worked on loading, I had a chance to save my strength.


With the second loading, we went to Namie.
We loaded the new food boxes.


The extermination of rats in Naraha, Fukushima. Continue setting the poison food and sticky sheets for 2 months.

August 3, 2014
The extermination of rats in Naraha, Fukushima.
Continue setting the poison food and sticky sheets for 2 months.

A thin wild boar.
It seems to be a child.
I always see wild boar in groups.
I am wondering if his/her parents and brothers/sisters were killed?


He/she came closer to me once, but then ran away.


This is the Tsunami area in Naraha.
Maybe no other volunteers came to this area.


Not only in the Tsunami area, but in Naraha, too, there are some cats that have been waiting for food for many days.

I want to save this cat.

I need more time to rescue this cat.


Naraha town is now preparing for residents returning home.
But for that, they take more lives?
Is there any other way to be rid of rats and other wild animals when residents go back?

I am very worried about using so much rat poison, and so many sticky sheets.

From Yomiuri newspaper. (August 2, 2014)

Exterminate the rats in the ruined house in Naraha.

Most of the area is designated as “Prepare for Evacuation Directive Lifting Area” in Naraha since the accident of nuclear power plant.
Naraha aims to start the residents’ return home beginning next Spring.
The town has started to get rid of rats and harmful insects in the ruined houses.
They already started accepting applications, and will start operations from September.

Naraha town said that most of the residents evacuated since the accident at the nuclear power plant.
Rats and harmful insects have damaged many houses, and the residents said that it is impossible to live there.

The town decided to use a grant for Fukushima Reconstruction Acceleration for the extermination of rats and harmful insects.
For rats, they continually use rat poison and sticky sheets.
At the same time, the specialists spread insecticide under the floor.

The residents get rid of the rats, but they can also get the support of specialists.

After their extermination efforts, the residents enlist help from contractors. They can get up to 150,000 yen in support from the town.

The support-aid section of the town requested applications in every district, to raise extermination efficiency.
“We want to prepare the environment as soon as possible for early return.”
The applications will be accepted until the end of September.

※Anyone can go into Naraha during the day.
If someone can go there to rescue abandoned cats, please contact us.
I will lend you the capture cages and also discuss the places that will accept these cats.
I’ll also give you the information about the places where cats are.

Cats of unfortunate situation

August 2, 2014
Cats of unfortunate situation

★1 cat from the Odawara over-breeding incident passed away on August 1 from malnutrition. This is too sad.
★On August 2, 2am, another 3 cats from there were hospitalised for malnutrition.

A cat from Odawara passed away on August 1.
He was too thin at 1.6kg, and couldn’t recover.
This is the third one that has died from malnutrition.


Please help us!!
Volunteers wanted around Kuno, Odawara-city.        

Please give them food and water.
Please set the toilet and clean it.
Please check all cats’ health.
Please bring sick cats to TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital!!
It is necessary to use a computer, If you can go there sometimes to make a health check-sheet for each cat, and also make a blog to spread the information about Odawara over-breeding cats, to find host families.

I contacted some volunteers from noon, and tried to find out if someone can go there to check their health.
But finally I went there myself, in the night.
Volunteers have their own job activity.
So we need many volunteers.
Otherwise sometimes no one can cope immediately.

But I can’t wait so long for these lives.

Already 3 cats passed away.
If we could have found out how badly off they were even one day earlier, they might have survived.
At midnight, I drove the Tomei express way to Odawara to rescue 3 cats that don’t eat.

Before I left, I loaded everything, which came from your support, for the Odawara cats.
Thank you so much.
I want to give them such good food.
I want them to get healthy with this food.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very very much.


I think some people must be wondering how it can come to this.
Why could nobody find out until it got so bad.

This is because they are frightened and hiding all the time.
Do you think this is a house cat?
The owner said that they don’t come down from there.
Do you think this is a house cat?
They freeze in such narrow space between the ceiling and the shelf.
They are reluctant to go to the toilet because of being so scared.
They don’t come down to eat and drink water because they’re scared.


How much joy do they have?
They don’t know affection.
They don’t know play.
They don’t know tasty food.
They eat the same cheap food every day.

The top of the shelf is full.
The second from the top is like this.



A cat that can’t go up there has no place to hide.
They are frightened, and stick to the wall.
Do you think this is a house cat?


I had to transfer the cats that weakened quickly.
So I hurriedly left the food and water.
I cleaned the toilet, but not perfectly.




Then hurriedly brought weakened cats to Kawasaki.
Cats that do not know happiness.
I want to make them healthy and happy.
But I am not capable of doing everything.
It is really difficult to find the time to go to Odawara often enough.

Also physically my body is not in good enough condition.
Since 3 months ago, my left leg has been so painful.
This makes it difficult for me to work in Fukushima.
The other day, I finally went to the hospital and did the x-ray.
My leg is not broken, but there are so many white spots on the muscles of both legs.

It took 2 weeks to get the result.
I was wondering whether this is because of radioactivity.
But the result from testing is that the muscles had inflammation, and emitted calcium which hardened.
To relieve inflammation, the doctor said that I just need rest.

Now I’m taking a pain killer 3 times a day.
I use the leg supporter during the day, and put poultice on the night.
I am honestly scared that someday I won’t be able to move.

Having to rest from Fukushima activity means loosing cats’ lives.
But to continue this activity, I have to take care of myself.

Now again, morning has come, as usual.
I am going to have a rest now.

I await your offers to be volunteers for Odawara cats, to take care of them, do health checks, and transfer them to the hospital.
Please contact us.


You can cooperate with animal welfare in one minute.

★You can cooperate with animal welfare in one minute.

We Inuneko Kyusainowa approve of below Internet petition.
Please visit these sites and if you agree, please leave your sign.
If you already signed, please spread of the information and send your opinion to the related parties.

Urging a severe punishment of a man who killed a cat by drowning.

Dear Governor of Hiroshima and Mayor of Hatsukaichi. Please do the health care and sterilize of the deer in Miyajima and fix the environment.

To Nara city mayor and Nara city public health office. Please stop doing enthanize dogs and cats which were caught in a trap by unscrupulous people ASAP!!!

Fukushima, heat wave.

July 26, 2014
Fukushima, heat wave.

Carry in the new food box.

Our base Naraha point.
I can feel the residents’ impatience, waiting to come home.
Sunflowers are planted.
It is so beautiful.


I imagine the heat in Fukushima.
It is intense.
Going into the 20km area on route 6.
The decontamination workers wear protective clothing.
I am wondering if they are ok under this heat.





This time we have to handle the hard work of setting the new food boxes.
We immediately set them at each feeding point.

New food box – 1
Kittens can also come into the box and reach the food.
We can put some small food bags there, which are cut open.
We can put 15kg of food.



New food box – 2
If so much food isn’t needed, is it better to set like this?
We can line them up or pile them up.
The height is also good for kittens.



New food box – 3
There are various types of boxes we can use in various ways.
We can leave 8kg food bags, which are cut open.



Under the heat wave in Fukushima, we try to drink water often to avoid heatstroke.
We do our best for the cats, despite being drenched with sweat.
No rest, but contact with the others to check safety.

The volunteer on Saturday will have to work under this heat.
I am worried about their health.

I had a driver this time, so I could sleep in the car.
But still I am exhausted.
I will report more to you later.

Urging severe punishment of a man who killed a cat by drowning!

Urging severe punishment of a man who killed a cat by drowning!

A terrible incident took place on June 29 2014 at Otani village, Nagano Japan, in which a male part-time worker drowned a cat to death in the river.
We urge severe punishment of this man.
He uploaded a video of the cat, captured and killed, on the internet.
Many of us are trembling with anger to hear the news of such cruelty, and feel sad for that cat.
We think that it cannot be allowed for anyone to treat even one small innocent life so wrongly.
We would like you to think about how sometimes some particular person makes light of “Life”.
We would like to stop such crimes by those people.
Because lately this case is reported and covered widely on TV and other media, we can easily imagine a copycat crime occurring, modelled or inspired by previous crimes reported.
We believe that we can show and teach people, especially young generations, right from wrong, by imposing severe punishment on this man.
We would like you to support this, and help us to stop rapidly rising vicious animal abuse and cruelty nationwide, and think about our national identity, which is to value “Life”.
We also recommend severe punishment of this man, and for this kind of crime, under the law.
Thank you very much for your help in this matter. 
(from Change.org)

Please leave your signature.

The man who uploaded the video of the drowning of a cat in the river was sent to the Nagano District Public Prosecutors Office, for alleged violation of animal protection policies.

Asahi News Paper
July 19, 2014

On July 18, 2014, Nagano prefectural police filed charges against a part-time employed man (29) in Kita Azumi Gun, alleging violation of animal protection and river act policies. He is charged with killing an alley cat by sinking it’s cage into the Kotanimura river.
The Omachi police department said that this man sank a cat in the river at the end of June, and uploaded the video to the Internet.
People who watched this video called the police, and they were investigating.
There have been about 400 phone calls and e-mails to Nagano prefectural police and Omachi police department protesting this man’s actions.

The Situation in Fukushima now.

July 22, 2014
The Situation in Fukushima now.

When decontamination finishes at route 6, normal vehicles may be admitted to pass through without permission.
Then anyone can go into Namie and Odaka, passing through route 6.
I want you to think about being a volunteer for feeding, rescue and TNR.
Please think about it.

☆Mieko Yoshida need help emergency.
Mieko Yoshida is called a cat woman in Minamisoma, Fukushima.
She was living in Odaka, Minamisoma, which is 17km from Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant.
Unfortunately, after the terrible accident of nuclear power plant, she had to evacuate, and she had to leave her cats.
But since then, she has been doing feeding activity in Odaka.

I have had a call from her yesterday.
She is not well, and she needs someone to help her activity.
She must be…

From Kanto area to Namie and Odaka, we have to take a roundabout way for hours.
We need more hands.
When anyone can go through route 6 without permission, please think about joining feeding activity in Fukushima.
If anyone can go there helping Yoshida, even if it is a few times, please contact us.
I will tell her that.


This is route 6.




Decontamination work took the weeds from the road, and I can see the ground.
I am wondering how radiation levels are now.


This is the storage of Naraha point.
This is the food for Namie after taking some to Okuma, Futaba and Namie.
Leave 50kg of food for Murohara, in Namie, by 3.11 Rescue and Dog group. Volunteer “A” distributes it.
Volunteer “R” distributes 100kg in the area of Kakura-Tateno in Namie and another 100kg for other places in Namie.
Total 250kg for Namie.
More for Naraha, Tomioka, Okuma, Futaba, Namie, by Yui, Matatabi&Nekokatsu, with the total equalling over 1 ton.
We distribute this much food every 2 weeks!


All this food is from everyone’s very warm support.

The transportation (gasoline and expressway toll) of volunteers from Kanto area is about 25,000 yen for one round trip.
We need to go at least twice a month.
It means we need at least 50,000 yen per month.
We, Inuneko Kyusainowa, try to help transportation of volunteers if we get the donations.

When decontamination work on route 6 is finished and normal vehicles are permitted to go through there, I really hope new volunteers join with our activity.
I appreciate your consideration to join with our activity in Fukushima for supplying the food, donations and feeding activity.

Time passes, the weeds grow on the roof.


I remain silent and leave water for the cats.


And to empty food box,


I fill up the lovingly supplied food with my whole heart.





3 years gone, I saw cats in other places and set the food box there.
We need food boxes that kittens can eat at, lower level for their tiny bodies.

Nyanda Guard funded the shelter after the disaster, and rescued so many cats.
They made hundreds of food boxes.
This is why so many cats have survived.
These food boxes are made for adult cats that were left behind.
But now we have to care kittens too, and rescue both of them.

At first, we make them lower and wider, to prevent toppling by wild boar and raccoons.
Then make small ones for kittens.
If it is small, we can set it under tractors or floors.

I asked Nyanda Guard to make new ones.
They are now making 10 boxes by July 25.
I can’t make them at all.
I appreciate it so much.

Please visit the blog of Nyanda Guard.


This is called Cat Teahouse.

The cats come into this house and eat the food.


SOS!! We need your help for Odawara over breeding cats!!

July 22, 2014
SOS!! We need your help for Odawara over breeding cats!!

Thank you so much for your support for Odawara over breeding cats.
I brought new toilets, canned foods, dietary foods, table and shelf.


The owner told me that 4 cats seem sick and don’t eat.
This day, only one volunteer and I went there.
We shared what we have to do, listening to the owner talk about the situation.

A volunteer cleans the toilet, takes out the rubbish, brings in the table…
I do emergency treatment and feeding.

This canned food is from people who are worried about you.



They are scared, but they give attention to us.




a href="http://blog-imgs-67.fc2.com/a/r/f/arfjapan1216/odawara7.jpg" target="_blank">odawara7.jpg

In the room, in which I set the shelf last time, I set a table.
It looks like a room now.
But these cats don’t know any people except the owner.
They all gather and freeze.


This food is for you.
Bon appetite.






We did as much as we could quickly, and then brought sick cats to the hospital.
I have to bring 6 sick cats.
2 cats are in serious situation.
They are dehydrated, with hypothermia. Trembling, they lie down.
We gave the drip and warmed their bodies.

This cat’s clearly conscious.


But they haven’t eaten these a few days.
I looked in the mouth.
The front part of tongue is deteriorated.
This is why he/she couldn’t eat, it hurts.


It is in pain, but we have to let it eat.
Otherwise it can’t survive.
Forced feeding.
I use a syringe to put a/d canned food deep inside of mouth, so as not to touch the tongue.
It drank the food.
Let’s heal it.


We bring back the rubbish and old toilets.
It is a strong strong.
But now rid of the stink, the room for cats becomes better.
We still have to do more, though.


Then I bring 6 sick cats to TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital.
2 seriously sick cats are also suffering extreme malnutrition.
I hope they can survive.


We need more help for 70 cats of the Odawara over-breeding incident.
Once every week, or every 10 days, or even once in a month is very helpful.
It doesn’t have to be long.
Maybe for 6 months, until the condition becomes stable.
The basic matters, such as toilet, water and food couldn’t be done otherwise.
With such a situation, some cats will have to die from lack of health care.
If several volunteers can go there by turns, we can save their lives.
I await your offers.



The acceptance of donation for sterilization and medical expenses to Odawara overbreeding cats will be closed on August 15.
I will report you the expenditure later but we got 562,127 yen of donation.
Thank you so much.

I will tell you later with more details, but still we have to think and support these 65 cats especially their food and medical treatment.

※Please support Odawara overbreeding cats.
We have got your donation 562,127 yen and used for sterilization and a part of vaccine.
However some cats are serious disease and cost a lot for x-ray, blood test, interferon and ICU.
I am using from general donation for shortfall but still it is not enough.
But we can’t stop the treatment.
We have to do our best until they get better.
My trial calculation was 966,600 yen but now it became more than that.

Please support Odawara overbreeding cats.
Bank Name : Bank of Yokohama , Oshima Branch (Code 821)
Account No : Ordinary Account 1189874
Account Name : Inunekokyusainowa
※Please specify “tato” before your name.

On August 9, 9 cats left hospital.
Now one more cat….

Fukushima in July.

July 18, 2014
Fukushima in July.

On the way to to Fukushima on the Jyoban expressway, listening to radio information about the typhoon.
I won’t know until I get there.
Visibility is bad.
Careful about crosswinds.
Minding speed.


I left Kawasaki earlier than usual because of the typhoon.
I arrived at the meeting point in Naraha on time.
So much food had arrived there.
Thank you so much for your great support.


Matatabi and Nekokatsu are great workers, but their car is also a great worker.


This is my car.
We were not going to set the capture cage this time because of the typhoon. But I loaded it….
Character is reflected during these activities.
I know we don’t have enough time, but I want to rescue them as much as I can.


I am worried about the cats that I saw before.
I want to rescue them while they are living.





I have to go to the place where I saw a very thin cat.
This cat was so thin it doesn’t even look like a cat.




To be continued.


About Us

Message from Akiko Yui, President and Founder of TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital
I believe that helping animals in need, existing in symbiosis with animals, and fostering a loving heart lead to an improvement in one’s character of kindness and generosity. The killing of animals due to decisions made by administration goes against my firm belief in preventing cruelty to animals. Animal Rescue Fund’s most important goal is to reduce the number of animals killed in Japan to zero by urging administration to change, reform, and improve the prevention of cruelty to animals. In order to reduce the number of animals in need, we work to raise awareness and support for the importance of sterilization operations. Each year, we spay and neuter more than 1000 stray cats. We are always putting animals up for adoption to help those lives already born in finding a loving home.

TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital:
We first opened our TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital in February of 2011 in an effort to make our dream a reality - to lower the number of dogs and cats killed in Japan to zero. At our hospital, we spay and neuter cats to reduce the number of unfortunate stray cats. Our hospital strives to help unfortunate animals in need of medical care.
The lives of numerous pets and livestock were lost as a result of the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan on March 11th 2011 and the radiation disaster caused by the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Animal Rescue Fund goes directly to the 20km evacuation zone around the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to rescue animals.
Animal Rescue Fund is based in Kanagawa Prefecture’s TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital. Therefore, the animals that we rescue from Fukushima Prefecture are brought to TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, the rescued animals receive medical care and are returned to their owners or are put up for adoption.
We also work in urging the government and administration of Japan to support the protection of animals in need.





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