Suffering pets, life as hard as could be in Fukushima. Protection costs over 300 million yen.

October 14th, 2012


Suffering pets, life as hard as could be in Fukushima. Protection costs over 300 million yen.
(from Tokyo Newspaper on October 13th)

The expense for the national and Fukushima governments to protect the pets which people had to release when they evacuated from the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant accident rose above 170 million yen. Adding contributions to that, it exceeded 300 million yen In off-limits areas. Animals that became wild damaged the houses. A veterinarian who tends to the needs of these animals said a framework of continuous support is necessary.

At a temporary animal shelter set up in a pachinko parlor in Miharu-cho, Fukushima, cries that seem to be calls for human care and comfort emanate from rows of cages. They took in over 200 dogs and cats in this shelter. The staff and volunteers give food, do the cleaning, and take animals for walks.

Veterinarian Seido Watanabe, (52), who is a leader of this shelter, said these pets had given up mentally, but gradually regain presence of mind.

So far, they have tended 895 dogs and cats. Over 500 were returned to owners, or found new family. But it's difficult to find new families for wild cats, or those born after the disaster. Operating expenses of the shelter are 5 million yen for a month. This is for personnel expenses and food. 283 million yen has been contributed to the animal relief headquarters in Fukushima. Already it was spent 190 million yen. In this situation it will bottom out in one and a half years.

Separately from this, the Ministry of the Environment appropriated 100 million yen for Radiation exposure investigation costs of pets. Fukushima prefecture appropriated 69 million yen for assisting administration of the shelter.

There are criticisms that this amount of money shouldn't be used for dogs and cats. However the veterinarian Watanabe, who is from Tomioka-cho, in the off-limits area, said that pets are also among the powerless victims that the nuclear plant accident produced.

The day after the disaster, on March 12th, Mr. Watanabe had to evacuate without his dog. Although he's a veterinarian, he couldn’t take his dog, as no one could. He released his female dog whose imminent delivery was planned to be caesarean. He went to back his home a week later. His weakened dog had given birth by herself. She dug a hole and tried desperately to keep the puppy warm. This inspired him, and gave him the energy to pursue protection activity.

"As veterinarian, and to avoid them damaging the houses in off-limits area, I want to protect the pets."

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