The owner of Colon (rescued in Ohkuma-machi in March, 2012.) is found.

November 9th, 2012
The owner of Colon was found through the list of Wakanyan-san. I thank you so much for such a great effort.

We had found him a new family, but as is always the policy for cats from Fukushima, in a case where the original owner is found, we will give him back.

His foster parent said that Colon loves the resident cat. He comes into same bed, he wants to be together, he wants to play together. The resident cat also looks for him when he disappears.



Thinking about both households, it is not so simple just give him back, as we promised.

Anyway, I tried to talk to both many times. We all thought about the happiness of this cat. And finally we reached the solution that we should let him stay with his new family. Both of them could keep contact. The owner was talking about Ohkuma-machi, to which they will never return. They felt relieved that Kaede (Colon) is loved by the new family. I told the owner that Kaede came into the capture cage at a feeding point in someone else’s house. The owner said that they will leave some food in their house when they temporarily go home for other cats.

Dear residents who still can’t find your cats, the most important thing is to secure a feeding place. Cats won’t forget their home, even if they go far away to find food. The probability of them coming home is very high. Right now, there are raccoon dogs, ("tanuki"), and wild boar at some feeding places. They may go into the house and damage it. But we can set the feeding point outside, under a roof, or in the storage.

While searching for rescued cats, remember that there's a high probability that the ones you're looking for haven't been rescued yet, so please keep an eye on the situation. Please think of what you would do if it were your child who still survived, and was waiting for your rescue. They can’t live without food. They face starvation and loneliness as they die. Please leave some food where you were living. Please do your best to save your family, your own child. If, for any reason, you can’t do that, please contact us.

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Message from Akiko Yui, President and Founder of TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital
I believe that helping animals in need, existing in symbiosis with animals, and fostering a loving heart lead to an improvement in one’s character of kindness and generosity. The killing of animals due to decisions made by administration goes against my firm belief in preventing cruelty to animals. Animal Rescue Fund’s most important goal is to reduce the number of animals killed in Japan to zero by urging administration to change, reform, and improve the prevention of cruelty to animals. In order to reduce the number of animals in need, we work to raise awareness and support for the importance of sterilization operations. Each year, we spay and neuter more than 1000 stray cats. We are always putting animals up for adoption to help those lives already born in finding a loving home.

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The lives of numerous pets and livestock were lost as a result of the unprecedented earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan on March 11th 2011 and the radiation disaster caused by the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Animal Rescue Fund goes directly to the 20km evacuation zone around the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to rescue animals.
Animal Rescue Fund is based in Kanagawa Prefecture’s TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital. Therefore, the animals that we rescue from Fukushima Prefecture are brought to TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, the rescued animals receive medical care and are returned to their owners or are put up for adoption.
We also work in urging the government and administration of Japan to support the protection of animals in need.





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