★Tragedy of over breeding in Odawara. ★Could you be a foster family or volunteer for over-bred cats in Odawara?

August 15, 2014
★Tragedy of over breeding in Odawara.
★Could you be a foster family or volunteer for over-bred cats in Odawara?


The last one recovered and left the hospital.


I brought this cat to Odawara.
And I was going to make a better environment.
In the car, on the way to Odawara, I was thinking about how to make better a environment for both cats and volunteers.

When I entered the house, there was a very strong, bad smell.
How come?
Cats are not in the corridor.
Inside of the house, I couldn’t find where this strong bad smell was coming from.

I released the recovered cat and started to work.

There are many things most women can’t do.
Furthermore, my left hand is badly weakened from aftereffects of the cerebral infarction.
So I brought a man who is a carpenter to help me.

In order for the air conditioning to reach the inner room, the main job is to take the door off and set the mesh panel.
Then air conditioning can work for 2 rooms.


The next job is to move the window type air conditioner from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor.
I thought it would be impossible to move, because it has been peed on, and the screws are rusted.
But I have a carpenter with me.
He is very skilful.


I put cloth over the table and shelves, so that cats can hide behind it.
Pull the curtain forward and cats can hide behind it, too.

None of them would lie on the donated couch.
After the sheet was draped over it 20 cats began hiding underneath.


We worked quite a long time but the cats hardly moved at all.
These cats are severely stressed.
It’s not good for them that stranger stays around for such a long time.

They are house cats.
But none get closer to us.
They are so frightened.
They’re always scared, and try to find places to hide.

Some cats that can’t find a hiding place go up to high places, and deeper inside.
They overlap each other and try to hide.
They are frightened, and get all over each other, and freeze up.
Some of them are shaking with fear.


This is the shelf over the sink.
There is a gap between the ceiling and the shelf just big enough to fit the cat’s face.


There a tragedy was happening.

There are over 30 cats in this room without air conditioning.
The hiding places are too few, and they overlap each other to try to hide.
The gap is already full but some of them tried to go in.

To get to this place, they have to jump from the refrigerator.
But the gap was full, and a cat that couldn’t get in dropped behind the refrigerator.
The gap between the refrigerator and the wall is so narrow.
It is not possible they jumped into this gap.

The cat dropped into this narrow gap and slipped down.
It was not possible to climb up.
The bottom of the refrigerator is so hot from it’s mechanisms.

The reason I found this cat is that it is too dangerous to jump from the refrigerator to the shelf, and I was going to make more shelving.
Then I moved the refrigerator and found the cat.
Words fail me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
What’s this?
Get closer to look, and then…

Am I wrong?
What is it?
I couldn’t accept the reality.

It was not only 1 cat but 2.
One cat fell down and then another cat fell down on the first one.
They were in the same pose.

I don’t normally post pictures of dead bodies.
But this time, I will.
I will, to let you know the reality of over-breeding problems.

These cats have to live in such a terrible place.
They don’t have any place to go.
I want to let you know that if the owner can’t control it, it makes cats suffer.
I want you to know.
I want you to help.

No food, no toilet.
No one controls the temperature.
No place to hide.
No place to sleep.
No carpet.
No affection.
Cats living in fear.
This is too sad.

Quiet, scared, we want to rescue as many of these cats as we can.
Please consider being their foster family, or even taking them temporarily into your home.
Powerless to rescue all of them, this is my cry.
This may also be the cry of all of these voiceless cats.

I want to let you know this reality.
It doesn’t matter what people might think about me, if only someone feels pity for these cats, and offers help.

This is the picture, which shows you a very sad reality.
If you don’t want to see it, please close this page here.










They were probably less than 1 year old.
They didn’t know joy, and had a very short life.
They suffered until the end.
This is too miserable.
They came back to Kawasaki with me.
The staff and I will see them off on August 15, from TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital.

I hope heaven welcomes them, and suffering gives way to dashing about in eternal play.

May they rest in peace.


After I found the 2 tragedy victims, we started to bring cats down from the shelf one by one.
15 cats were there.
I was so afraid of someone being strangled or suffocated.

I wanted to close this gap, but there was no wooden board, no more mesh panel, not even cardboard.
I impatiently measured dimensions, drove back to Kawasaki to buy the materials, and came back to Odawara. This is a frustrating expenditure of time.

As a temporary repair, cram a blanket into the gap.
This wooden board was used to guard against pee.
So it is stinks, but it’s better than nothing.
With this board, we did like this.





In this activity, so many things happen that are sad, painful, suffocating.
Many times I lost heart, and I thought I couldn’t continue any more.
The reason I can continue this activity is that I think the animals suffer even more than me, and I can’t give up.
This is my life.

We, Inuneko Kyusainowa’s animal shelter, now have 100 cats.
The volunteers take care of them at least once a week, in rotation.
If it’s always different people, it can be stressful for frightened cats.
With volunteer’s affection, many cats became friendly.
Now there are no cats that are extremely frightened.

I pray, for the Odawara cats, that the volunteers increase one by one, and the cats remember the gentle people.
I pray someday they can feel the joy of life.

※I reported about Odawara over breeding cat in this blog.
But our activity is wide as Fukushima, animal welfare center, animal shelter and animal hospital.
So we created a new blog for Odawara over breeding cat and Mrs.Tominaga manage it.
But this is not that I quit Odawara over breeding cat.
I will write the article sometimes in this new blog.





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