Shizuoka, Please immediately stop the cruel extermination of deer with poison bait.

November 20, 2014
Shizuoka, Please immediately stop the cruel extermination of deer with poison bait.

Urgent SOS!!!

Who devised such cruel thing?
Shizuoka prefecture developed the plan.
It is an experiment that puts bait with nitrates in a feeder, which then gradually suffocates the deer.

If the administration does it this way, I am afraid that someone else will do the same to get rid of animals.
Shizuoka should stop this cruel experiment immediately!

ASAHI digital, November 15

Shizuoka prefecture staff devised a method of getting rid of the Japanese deer, which cause damage, by using bait with nitrates.
This used the characteristic of the ruminant, returning swallowed food from the stomach to the mouth, and gradually digesting it.
They said that the time’s up for considering alternatives. This method involves less risk than using guns or traps.
They aim for a practical method, considering the safety of other animals.
However, some people say it is cruel.

It is devised by the Shizuoka Agroforestry Technique Research Institute, Forestry Research Center, Takahiro Ohba researcher.
When nitrate is in the stomach of a ruminant, bacteria change it to nitrite.
Then red cells lose the ability to carry oxygen, causing death from oxygen deficiency.

Researcher Ohba’s group experimented to obtain resident’s consent between January and February.
They confirmed the results, and also determined the fatal dose.
They also said that using contraceptives in the bait may affect other animals, but this method doesn’t.

Please take a look at the photo in the above news paper.
It looks like normal feeding, but it is an experiment with poison bait to kill deer.
We, Inuneko Kyusainowa, can never accept such a cruel act.
I demand of the governor of Shizuoka immediate cancel any such inhumane experiments. If you agree, please send your opinion to the governor of Shizuoka.


Inuneko Kyusainowa sent a letter petitioning the governor of Shizuoka.

To Governor of Shizuoka, Heita Kawakatsu
From Akiko Yui, representative Inuneko Kyusainowa / TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital.

November 19, 2014

Please immediately cancel the inhumane experiment using bait with nitrate.

The media has reported that Shizuoka prefecture has, with artificial feeding, devised a method to get rid of the deer using bait with nitrate.
They also developed the taste for practical use.
This method of culling is cruel, dangerous, and lacking in dignity.
We strongly protest the announcement of such a practise in our society.

1)To get rid of animals by poison bait is easy and cheap.
We are quite sure it can lead to criminals killing animals with nitrate or even other toxic chemicals, rationalised by Shizuoka prefecture’s government having set the precedent.
If private citizens imitate the poison bait strategy of Shizuoka, and scatter it, it may cause accidents for humans.
To announce such a killing method, using poison in bait, incurs serious responsibility.

2) Currently the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is budgeted and working on a commissioned research project for damage and breeding control of wild deer by contraception.


Work is in progress for the development of a male anti-fertility technique for wild animal population adjustment.

The project involves contraception of wild deer by manipulation of reproductive viability, by means of injection of sperm blockers.
The male deer doesn’t have sperm so the female deer doesn’t become pregnant, even after mating.
With a negative birthrate the following Spring, the number of the group doesn’t increase.
Representative Institutions Research Supervisor
Jyunko Noguchi (National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences)
Research term : 2013-2015 (3 years)

Shizuoka Agroforestry Technical Research Institute and Forestry Research Center researcher Takahiro Ohba denied the anti-fertility method to media.
However, in fact, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has a budget for it in practical application.
It would be best to devise a preventative fence and evasion methods as more humane methods for population adjustments.

The killing method using the nitrate bait is easy, but cruel, and extremely dangerous.

As the governor, please cancel / abolish the development and application of this method.


Please send your opinion to the governor of Shizuoka.

TO;Shizuoka prefectural office
Public relation department
Governor’s office
9-6, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City Japan 420-8601
TEL:054-221-2235 FAX:054-254-4032
Mail form;





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