In the USA, dissection of frogs has stopped, and been replaced by a substitute product.

December 12, 2014
In the USA, dissection of frogs has stopped, and been replaced by a substitute product.

Stop the sacrifice of frogs on a skewer in the Shinto ritual at Suwa Taisha shrine!!

In some schools in the USA, they use a substitute "digital frog" for virtual dissection, as the use of real frogs would be considered to be animal abuse.
Dissection of frogs has shifted to the substitute on the educational scene.
Suwa Taisha surine should use a substitute, such as a frog doll, for their Shinto ritual, rather than skewering live frogs.

Biology classes abolish the dissection in some schools in the USA out of respect for animal welfare.
(from Asahi news paper in 2011)

Full article reprint:
Some schools in the USA have abolished the dissection of all animals in biology classes in consideration of animal welfare.
They have shifted to virtual dissection using computers.
The Humane Society and Animal Welfare Research Institute in the USA, which is against the dissection of animals, announced this on the 3rd.

This involves 7 schools, including Rancho Verde High School in neighboring Los Angeles.
They use software called “digital frog”.
The student operates the computer mouse, and can have an experience similar to dissection of a real frog.
The Animal Welfare Research Institute donated the money for this software to the school.
The school promised not to use real frogs for dissection for 5 years.

The principal of Rancho Verda High School told the local media that it is somewhat different from using real animals for dissection but not very different, and the student doesn’t lose anything.



Every year on January 1st, Suwa Taisha shrine kills frogs by skewering them with a tree branch.
We want to stop the sacrifice, which causes pain and suffering to the living frogs.
Please call Suwa Taisha shrine to request the use of ornaments or frog effigies.


Please send your opinion to Suwa Taisha shrine.

Suwa Taisha
“Kamisya Hongu”
1 Nakasu Miyayama, Suwa city, Nagano 392-0015
TEL 0266 52 1919
FAX 0266 52 3303





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