Kyoto City is ignoring public opinion.

February 17, 2014
Kyoto City is ignoring public opinion.

Kyoto city is ignoring public opinion about the regulations regarding the prevention of nuisance caused by animals in Kyoto City.
They are going to nullify valuable opinion!
We, Inuneko Kyusainowa, strongly protest this.

From the blog of Nekoto tomodachi chiikineko,

Kyoto City’s unusual objections to citizens’ public opinions.

On the Kyoto City official website, they announced their thoughts on the “Regulations of prevention of nuisance by animals” (provisional name) as below.

About the ideas of Kyoto city concerning the regulations for the prevention of nuisance by animals.

We received 3,005 opinions from all over Japan.
Most of them were about the regulations for feeding stray cats.
However some groups have found erroneous information on the internet as this regulation concerns those people who feed cats, something which is forbidden in Kyoto City (and subject to fines).
Many opinions are opposed to this regulation because of this.
We hope to give you the opportunity to think correctly on this subject.

Last December, Kyoto City requested opinions from the public.
We submitted our opinions. Then Kyoto City did a U-turn because there were many dissenting opinions.It is an unusual situation to move against public opinion.

This is our second opinion letter on the regulation of the prevention of nuisance by animals in Kyoto city.

You refer to the Animal Protection Charter in Kyoto City.
However “do not feed animals which cause any trouble”or “It is written as an example to cooperate with neighbors for city cat project that humans and cats live together” in the charter shows that Kyoto City is not involved with animal welfare.
It is citizen volunteers who are involved with animal welfare.

Stray cats are protected animals. Kyoto City council has to take responsibility for the care of stray cats in the city.
This responsibility means that the council will protect cats by performing sterilization and continuing feeding after release.
Is Kyoto City doing it?

If Kyoto City were doing this activity, then I would understand the need to “prohibit irresponsible feeding”and “do not feed animals which cause any trouble” clauses.
If the council managed to get these results via the cooperation of residents for stray cats, such regulations would not be necessary.
Kyoto City is going to regulate citizen actions, and this is irresponsible.
Kyoto City should make efforts to promote a society in which humans and cats can co-exist.

If stray cats can’t get any food, they can no longer be saved, and this is cruelty.
They will die.

We oppose the regulations preventing nuisance by animals in Kyoto City.
Humane organizations from overseas will visit Kyoto.
International tourist city Kyoto is against stray cats.
We wonder if Kyoto City can handle this.

Throughout Japan, no cities, towns or villages take responsibility for stray cats like Kyoto City.
If Kyoto City makes “regulations to prohibit feeding”, this is cruelty and the irresponsibility of the council will increase.

The Act on Welfare and Management of Animals regarding living together with animals and lifetime breeding will disappear.
I would like to remark also that the source of stray cats is pet shops.

Mitsuru Kawai
Nekoto tomodachi chiikineko


A formal proposal for the regulation will be made on February 13 and considered after February 20.
We have no time.
Please send your opinions to the Mayor of Kyoto and city councilors in Kyoto.

A model sentence:
I strongly protest the announcement of February 12 to ignore public opinion resulting from the gathering of citizens’ opinions.

Opinion to city councilors

Opinion to the Mayor of Kyoto





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