☆Bull-running festival now became “Ball-running festival”.

July 22, 2015
☆Bull-running festival now became “Ball-running festival”.

Stop the Shinto ritual involving live frogs on skewers in Suwa Taisha shrine in Nagano.

Inuneko Kyusainowa opposes causing pain to creatures, even if it is a tradition or religious rite.

Looking at history and the world, the events which make animal sacrifices are changing, and now use substitutes.

As I reported in the example in Thailand, they substituted the doll of animation character Doraemon instead of using a live cat for the sacrifice in the festival of praying for rain.
In Spain, they substituted a big ball instead of a living bull for the Bull-running festival

Children can join with such festivals and events, not only adults.
It is necessary to change the form, with improvement of people’s awareness of animal treatment issues.

I protest the Shinto ritual involving live frogs on skewers in Suwa Taisha shrine, which is held every year on January 1st.

★Spanish village swaps bulls for giant polystyrene balls

Residents of a Madrid village have changed their annual running of the bulls to a similar event with giant 125-kilo (275 pounds) polystyrene balls, a move animal rights groups are hoping will be copied in other parts of Spain. Mataelpino, a small community of no more than 1,700 residents just outside the Spanish capital, is the first place in the country to hold a ‘running of the balls’.

Dubbed boloencierro, a made-up up term which combines the Spanish words for bowling ball and running of the bulls, the event sees participants being ‘chased’ down the sloping streets of Mataelpino by huge polystyrene balls rolling at great speed. Mataelpino has seen a rise in tourism numbers as a result and has also inspired animal rights group Peta to promote the swap around Spain.

“After bull runs the animals are tortured and killed in the bullring,” Peta president Mimi Bekhechi said. “People are also gored or trampled to death. Boloencierro is fun for all the family, and a great alternative for the growing number of people who oppose bullfighting and bull runs.” Peta is so impressed by the potential of ‘ball running’ that they’ve offered to pay the costs of holding the events to any town in Spain willing to ditch their traditional events with bulls.

Although Pamplona’s San Fermin bull runs are the most famous internationally, there are many towns and villages in Spain, Portugal and some parts of South America that have their own ‘encierros’. Some have no official age limit, and injuries and casualties are not uncommon. There is growing opposition within Spain to sports events and festivals involving bulls.







Please explore the information to your friends in overseas about abolition or use substitute for the Shinto ritual involving live frogs on skewers in Suwa Taisha shrine.

We Inuneko Kyusainowa and TNR Japan Animal Welfare hospital oppose the Shinto ritual involving live frogs on skewers in Suwa Taisha shrine in Nagano prefecture.

We continue to demand that Suwa Taisha shrine use a substitute, rather than using a live frog for this cruel Shinto ritual.

■You should stop cruelties to any creature

■Cruelty of adults is virtually handed down to children via live frogs on skewers

■Stop the skewering of live frogs! Request a substitute,

■The Japanese should open their hearts and love small life.


Every year on January 1st, Suwa Taisha shrine holds a Shinto ritual to dig up the torpid frogs and kills them by impaling them on skewers.
What kind of meaning will this useless torture-killing have in the present times?

“Kawazugari Shinji” is a traditional shinto ritual at Suwa Taisha Shrine.
They skewer a live frog with a tree branch.
We want to let stop the infliction of pain and suffering on the animal.
Please call Suwa Taisha shrine, and tell them to use a substitute instead of a living frog.

TEL 0266-52-1919


Raise this voice again and again.

Shinto ritual involving live frogs on skewers in Suwa Taisha shrine on January 1, 2015.





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